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Accurate DNA quantification for Next Generation Sequencing with BMG LABTECH's plate readers

Ortenberg, Germany (August 2017) – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become a powerful tool to investigate genetic changes that lead to cancer or diseases. DNA quantification is essential for NGS, where precise amounts of DNA are required. With its highly sensitive microplate readers, BMG LABTECH helps to accurately quantify DNA and ensure the required precision. The versatile multi-mode microplate readers are equipped with an ultrafast UV/vis spectrometer for fast quality and quantity determinations as well as unique technologies for high throughput fluorescence DNA quantification.


Accurate DNA quantification ensures sequencing depth, coverage and reproducibility. Quantifying DNA before library preparation and sequencing relies on absorbance and fluorescence based methods. Using a BMG LABTECH multi-mode reader only one device is required to measure both with high sensitivity and in high throughput. UV absorbance spectra of input DNA are mainly acquired to determine impurities such as phenol, and thereby for the assessment of DNA purity, though UV absorbance allows an approximate quantitation as well. The UV-Vis spectrometer coming with BMG LABTECH devices records UV-Vis spectra in less than a second per well, making the sample quality assessment of numerous samples a matter of seconds instead of hours.


Fluorescent quantification methods are favoured over absorbance methods due to superior sensitivity and specificity. BMG LABTECH’s microplate reader CLARIOstar® has recently shown excellent detection sensitivity in DNA quantification with the AccuBlueTM Next Gen reagent. The linearity across all DNA concentrations tested was excellent and the LOD values in 96 and 384 well plates were better than previously reported. The CLARIOstar has proven to perform sensitive detection of dsDNA ranging from 1 to 3000 pg in 96-well plates. Moreover, the detection in 384-well plates provided the possibility to conserve precious samples with outstanding detection sensitivity.


BMG LABTECH offers a wide product range of microplate readers for DNA quantification according to needs and funds available. The built-in spectrometer and filter-based fluorescence of the FLUOstar® Omega make it a robust and reliable instrument for accurate and rapid determination of DNA quality and quantity. Highest flexibility is achieved with the CLARIOstar microplate reader that in addition to the spectrometer bears a monochromator for fluorescence wavelength selection. This allows measuring any fluorophore without the need for filters and their exchange.

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