Chroma-Glo assay in 1536-well microplates

November 08, 2012

Miniaturizing and Automating Cell Viability and Reporter Assays for High-Throughput and Ultrahigh-Throughput Screening

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

Screening facilities require simple solutions for measuring and correlating a variety of parameters of cellular processes. Robust assays and high-precision, low-volume, non-contact pipetting systems are now providing this capability. This application highlights the scalability of the CellTiter-Glo®, Caspase-Glo™ 3/7, and Chroma-Luc™/Chroma-Glo™ Technologies for high-throughput and ultrahigh-throughput cell-based screening in low-volume 384- and 1536-well formats.

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