Capturing a complete absorbance spectrum

August 16, 2011

Gary Spedding, winner of the first SPECTROstar Nano in our competition has had much success with this technique.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

He states, "One thing to point out is the wonderful ability to run a complete scan and then go in afterwards and select the peak areas and set wavelengths for analysis. This should make for easier and faster method development. We would not have seen the unique spectral shift in our dye-end point water hardness method using our older single wavelength instrument. Thus the unique abilities and the cost-price structure on the Nano make it very competitive when thinking of getting only a single wavelength instrument as well as other more expensive and less flexible (non plate reading) scanning instruments. The SpectoStar Nano is making work and life easier, more unique and more interesting for us."

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