Behind the scenes: View of the first U.S. User Group Meeting

September 24, 2019

BMG LABTECH U.S. hosted the first User Group Meeting in San Diego, CA. Fifty PHERAstar and CLARIOstar users enjoyed a day filled with scientific talks, networking opportunities and German delicacies. Scientists had the chance to share with other users how they use their BMG LABTECH microplate readers and learn from BMG staff how to optimize assays and get the most out of BMG’s software.

Lisa Schmidt | BMG LABTECH
Lisa Schmidt
Marketing Specialist

BMG LABTECH works hard to establish relationships with our customers. Feedback from users is the best way for BMG LABTECH to improve our products, learn what research is important to users, and to perfect routine assays or to master new ones. We host User Group Meetings in different countries all over the world. The first U.S. User Group Meeting took place in San Diego, CA on August 29th.


Tips and tricks from the experts

Informative workshop sessions, exchanging experiences with users in different research areas, collaborative and engaging discussions, and networking opportunities were part of the first U.S. User Group Meeting in San Diego. BMG application experts provided useful how-to presentations regarding what to consider when running cell-based assays and how to optimize assay detection using the right microplates and reader features.


Exchange of experiences with fellow users

First-hand customer reports delivered insights into how PHERAstar and CLARIOstar microplate readers can be used. The talks covered topics like cloud-based screening technology, the utilization of plate readers in hypoxic and anaerobic environments and the development of protease substrates, inhibitors and probes.


“Bringing users together pays dividends for everyone involved in hundreds of little ways,” said Eric Matthews, BMG LABTECH’s U.S. Vice President of Sales. “Users who might work only a few miles apart are exposed to research and concepts that they might not have encountered otherwise, and they return with knowledge that might advance a project or make a whole company more innovative. And by increasing the number of contact points and important channels between our users and BMG LABTECH as a whole, we’re going to get more and better feedback from our customers and increase chances to provide them with good service.”


The event was topped off with a raffle for baseball tickets, surf lessons & much more.
Stay tuned for updates on the next User Group Meeting in your city!