Microplate Reader CLARIOstar at the trade booth

BMG LABTECH to exhibit at international trade fair Analytica 2018 in Munich

Our experts are reporting on innovations and future trends in microplate reading instrumentation


Ortenberg, Germany (February 2018) – BMG LABTECH will be exhibiting their products at Analytica 2018, the international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology in Munich, from April 10-13. The company’s experts at booth #318 in Hall A3 provide visitors deeper insight in technical innovations and the latest applications in microplate reading instrumentation.

Beside others, the company will demonstrate the CLARIOstar multi-mode microplate reader with its recently patented monochromator technology and a new and unique gas ramping function for cell-based assays at the Analytica. This gas ramping function enables the world’s first in vitro reproduction of ischaemia/reperfusion conditions in a microplate reader. “The technique allows researchers to study biological effects at disease-specific oxygen conditions matching those found in the human body. We designed this new function to provide our customers enhanced capabilities in live cell-based assays and to open doors for new experimental approaches”, said Andrea Krumm, Application Specialist at BMG LABTECH.

Moreover customers of the Analytica 2018 will see the diversified palette of BMG LABTECH microplate reader products, which are designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories in the life science and pharmaceutical industry. Speed, sensitivity and flexibility are the key categories in where the plate readers leave their competitors behind.

BMG LABTECH is pleased to give away free tickets for the Analytica to anybody who is interested in visitng the industry’s most important trade fair in Germany. The following link guides to a form where free “print at home e-tickets” can be ordered easily: www.bmglabtech.com/analytica-2018



BMG LABTECH will showcase the CLARIOstar microplate reader with patented monochromator technology and unique gas ramping function at the Analytica 2018.

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