Microplate Reading Technology

BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading systems due to continuous integration of new and unique technology. Much of our newest technology has been implemented based on our customers' suggestions. In essence, it is our customers that drive innovation and advancement of our microplate readers. Some of our technological advancements include:

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Z-Height Focus

Automatic Z-height adjustment is extremely important in obtaining the best possible signal from every sample. If the focus is inaccurate by as little as 0.2 mm, this can result in a signal degradation of up to 25%.

BMG LABTECH's auto Z-height focus scans the whole sample with 0.1 mm resolution and determines the height at which the strongest signal can be measured. While most readers adjust Z-height to “low, medium, high” or in 1 mm increments, the PHERAstar FSX and CLARIOstar give precise control in 0.1 mm increments.

Automatic Z-height adjustment is just another feature that allows the PHERAstar FS and the CLARIOstar to detect the best emitted signal for every assay, every time. A similar, non-automated Z-height focus adjustment is also available on the Omega Series of microplate readers when using the advanced TRF Optic Head. This optic head allows for increased sensitivity and less variation in assays such as TRF and TR-FRET.