Microplate Reading Technology

BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading systems due to continuous integration of new and unique technology. Much of our newest technology has been implemented based on our customers' suggestions. In essence, it is our customers that drive innovation and advancement of our microplate readers. Some of our technological advancements include:

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Reagent Injectors

Many of today's most popular assays (e.g. enzyme kinetics, calcium flux, dual luciferase, and ORAC) require the ability to monitor a signal during and after the addition of a reagent.

All BMG LABTECH readers, with exception of the SPECTROstar Nano, can be equipped with up to two software-controlled reagent injectors. Injectors enable reagent delivery to any plate format from 6-384 wells. Options in the control software include injection timing, injection speed, delivery volume, and the ability to inject different volumes in each well of a plate. The control software also allows for multiple additions from the same injector into the same well. The reagent injectors are easily cleaned, chemically inert, and can be configured with various syringe types depending on the customer's need. High volume syringes are available for large volume buffer delivery and low volume syringes are available for precious, expensive, or temperature-sensitive reagents.

The injector module is fully integrated into the reader platform and not a bulky add-on. This provides several advantages:
  • No increase in reader footprint
  • Reagents are light-protected
  • Transparent tubing allows for detection of impurities and bubbles
  • Reagents are equilibrated at almost the same temperature of the measurement chamber
  • Shorter tubes significantly decrease filling and dead volume

Injection at point of measurement

Some assays produce signals that decay very quickly after reagent addition, becoming unreadable within a few seconds or injection. Without the ability to read and inject simultaneously, the user can lose valuable signal information. BMG LABTECH's injectors can simultaneously inject and measure. It is even possible to read and perform two injections at the same time. Simultaneous injection and reading ensure that users experience no loss of data and save valuable laboratory time.


In this tutorial from the video training series, you can see a demonstration of a simple software set up for a FLUOstar Omega microplate reader in order to perform kinetic fluorescence measurements of samples in a 96-well plate format. Kinetic fluorescence intensity measurements from top can be followed in real time before, during and after the injection event.

This video from BMG LABTECH shows how to create and execute a simple kinetic fluorescence protocol including baseline monitoring, reagent injection and continued monitoring of the changing fluorescence intensity signal using BMG LABTECH's Omega series of microplate readers.