Microplate Reading Technology

BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading systems due to continuous integration of new and unique technology. Much of our newest technology has been implemented based on our customers' suggestions. In essence, it is our customers that drive innovation and advancement of our microplate readers. Some of our technological advancements include:

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Optic Modules

The PHERAstar FSX HTS microplate reader is the easiest-to-optically-configure microplate reader on the market. The PHERAstar FSX employs a unique Optic Module concept that frees users from worrying about which filter is installed, which dichroic is being used, or if the components are installed correctly. Optic Modules incorporate an integrated design which allows users to concentrate on running assays and not on running instrumentation. Just drop a module into one of the five module bays and read the assay. It is that simple.

PHERAstar Optic Modules incorporate all the parts necessary to read the assay of your choice in one convenient and easy-to-use package. Each Optic Module contains all the interference filters, dichronics, beam splitters and polarizers needed to run a specific assay. The components are matched and optimized by our scientists and engineers. Users never have to guess if the right equipment is in place, or if the reader is configured correctly. Each Optic Module is labelled with a barcode and read by an integrated barcode reader, eliminating the possibility of using the wrong assay filter set.

BMG LABTECH has already produced hundreds of Optic Modules for various assays. Nevertheless, if customers require a dedicated Optic Module that has not been constructed yet, our scientists will provide tailor-made solutions, investigating the optimal settings and making recommendations for the customer.

BMG LABTECH values the partnership with our customers by giving them the freedom to run any assay they choose. With BMG LABTECH's Optic Module system, the customer is in control!


Sample of Optic Modules for some common assays :

AdaptaTM Coumarin Fluorescein mOrange TAMRA
AlphaScreen® Cy5TM HTRF® MTT Rhodamine
AMC DAPI Kinase-GloTM Nano OrangeTM Texas Red®
Alexa Fluor® Dyes EDANS Luciferase Omnia Kinase tdTomato
Beta-Lactamase EGFP, EYFP, etc. mCherry PicoGreenTM TranscreenerTM
Chroma-GloTM Far Red mStrawberry PolarScreenTM Z-LyteTM
        and many others.....