Assay Technologies

Many of our Microplate Readers have received certifcation from reagent companies for their outstanding performance with various assay technologies. For more information about these certifications and assay technologies as well as which microplate readers can perform these assays, please click on the certifications below:


In addition we have also gathered information on the following assay technologies:



Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET) is a special form of resonance energy transfer (FRET) in which long emission fluorophores (lanthanides) are used as donors. The comparison measurement of the two emitted wavelengths over time is calculated for a TR-FRET response. The most common TR-FRET assays include HTRF®, LanthaScreen®, LANCE®, and Transcreener® ADP2 TR-FRET Red Assay. TR-FRET measurements on BMG LABTECH microplate readers

Time-resolved fluorescence detection with BMG LABTECH microplate readers

TR-FRET can be performed on the PHERAstar® FSX, CLARIOstar®, and FLUOstar® and POLARstar® Omega which are certified for HTRF®, LanthaScreen®, and Transcreener® ADP2 TR-FRET Red Assay. A high-intensity xenon flashlamp provides high performance measurements, while assay-specific filters or optic modules select the specific wavelengths, yield higher light transmission, and minimize unwanted background noise. The PHERAstar FSX offers further TRF-dedicated features such as the unique Decay Curve Monitoring and a dedicated TRF-laser.

Examples of TR-FRET measurements on BMG LABTECH instruments

See a complete list of TRF and TR-FRET application notes.

The following BMG LABTECH microplate readers can be configured to perform TR-FRET measurements: CLARIOstar multi-mode plate reader