Save time: run your prion seeding assays in days instead of weeks!

Perform fluorescence intensity assays with shaking on the reliable FLUOstar Omega microplate reader

The FLUOstar Omega microplate reader offers the best combination of performance and flexibility for all of your life science and R&D applications. In particular, it provides the perfect platform for the measurement of prion seeding assays in a microplate format.

Thanks to its robustness and precision, the FLUOstar Omega was selected by Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana as the reference microplate reader for the development of the RT-QuIC assay, and for numerous peer-reviewed publications.

The FLUOstar Omega is one of the only microplate readers built to withstand the prolonged, high-speed shaking required for prion seeding assays.

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Customer Focus

Developing a new diagnostic assay for prion diseases with the FLUOstar Omega

at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana.

The RML group used the specific shaking, incubation, and fluorescence reading capabilities of the FLUOstar Omega microplate reader to develop a rapid, sensitive, quantitative and high-throughput prion detection assay called Real-Time Quaking Induced Conversion Assay (RT-QuIC). The RT-QuIC assay takes up to 68 hours, and opens the door to preclinical detection.
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