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Truvada® – a medical sensation or a double-edged sword?26 Oct 2015
Truvada® is an established drug to treat the acute symptoms of HIV infections. Recently, a study was published that tells that Truvada® is not only effective for treatment of people who suffer a HIV infection. Furthermore, if taken once a day, the drug is capable to prevent a new HIV infection.
What does the study tell?

657 study participants took the drug every day over more than two years. Most of them belong to a high risk group, e.g. partners of HIV positive persons. It turned out that none of them has infected with the HI virus during the trial. These findings confirm that Truvada minimizes the infection risk. Although this seems to be good news there are many people that express highly skeptical opinions on that subject.

Why is not everybody happy with the new findings?

Some critics complain that these results will further enhance the growing carelessness against AIDS. HIV and AIDS are not a very present topic in media anymore. The number of people who untruly think that the disease can be cured by medicine is growing. At the same time, the number of people who are using condoms is decreasing. These new information could make people think that they just have to take a pill before and after risky sex to avoid an AIDS infection.

But not only the growing lack of concern is a main point of criticism. Truvada® is a drug and as such has side effects, such as pain in the head, diarrhea, sickness, and vomitus. A condom does not have such side effects and is also a lot cheaper. The average cost per tablet is about 20 US dollars.



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